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Chris Craft


Commander Flush Deck

1972 - 1977

45 Commander

It used to be that homes ashore were comfortable, boats were not. Traditionally, some comforts had to be sacrificed when one left the land. But as you'll see aboard this all-fiberglass Chris-Craft, there are comforts and features that will be the envy of many a luxury dwelling ashore.

On-deck areas are all on one level , and well-protected side decks make passage forward and aft easy even at sea. A long extended hardtop shields the afterdeck from the elements; tailored curtains to enclose the entire aft area are available. On the forward deck is much-appreciated feature, a wide bow seat. It's ideal for basking in the sun, and 18 cubic feet of storage space are concealed beneath it.

A lot of thought went into the layout of the control station. All instruments are highly visible, and important ones such as compass, tachometers, and depth sounder (when installed ) are positioned parallel to the centerline, in the pilot's normal line of vision. And all controls are within easy reach, arranged for effortless operation. A number of automatic devices have been installed to assist the pilot in keeping tabs on various functions as well

Extended cruising enthusiasts will appreciate the 500 gallons fuel capacity which makes long hauls possible, plus the fact that tanks are installed close to the hull's center of buoyancy, which improves stability.

Twin 325-hp or 350-hp diesel engines are available, and Chris-Craft Trim Control with position indicators is standard equipment.

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