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Chris Craft



1970 - 1977

55 Commander

Presenting the queen of the fiberglass Commander fleet. . . and a gallant, graceful monarch she is.

Her low profile and long, sleek hull lines hold a promise of great performance. . . and she lives up to every bit of it. There's her speed, maneuverability and ease of handling. They're truly surprising for a fifty-five footer.

What's her secret?

Her low center of gravity is part of it. Engines, tanks, generator and other heavy equipment are installed low in the bilge. And power's another part. You've a choice of twin fuel-injected diesels with up to 390 horsepower, or twin 450-hp continuous-horsepower turbine engines, Yes, turbines.

And with either pair, she really moves out.

But performance is only part of the story. See inside fir details about the quality and superior construction that have helped to make Commanders the standard of the fiberglass boating world.

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